The metamorphosis of Hispanics in the United States

“I don’t know how the Americans work.


I don’t know how Mexicans work.


I’m trying to navigate the in-betweens,

The Mexican and the American in me, I’m trying to get them to know each other.”

(Vazquez et al., 2019)

Every Hispanic immigrant in the United States experiences a process of acculturation, defined as a resocialization process that includes psychological factors such as modification of attitudes, values, development of new social skills, and norms (Berry, Phinney, Sam, & Vedder, 2006). Hispanics in the United States comprise 18.1% of the total inhabitants in the country (U.S. Bureau, 2018). Increase accompanied by educational improvements, per capita income, increase in property, health insurance and the number of business owners (Moreno Fernández & Hernández, 2018). Hispanic-led businesses rose 31.6% between 2012 and 2017 (Geoscape, 2017). This growth makes it necessary to implement acculturation strategies that promote the psychological well-being of Hispanics, understanding well-being from the biopsychosocial concept of health, “State of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not only the absence of conditions or diseases” (WHO, 1946).

The Hispanic community in the United States has a leading role. It has gone through a metamorphosis, now becoming professionals and businessmen, currently we do not only enter the category of workers, which is why we can feel proud of the growth and development that we are having as a culture and it is an invitation for the new generations to understand and internalize what best of both cultures, both Hispanic and American.

Yahaira Roblero

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