What is cultural adaptation?

Cultural adaptation is important in the world of international business. In simple terms, it is adapting material such as email, letters and memos from a language of the sender into the language of the receiver without losing its meaning, context and importance. The goal of cultural adaptation is to translate the source material completely and accurately from one language to another.

Beyond language

Although it is necessary to master both the use of one’s own language and the language of the intended audience, cultural adaptation goes even further. It demands knowledge and familiarity with specific business practices and communications on both sides of the language barrier, and how to articulate them with maximum accuracy. The deeper your understanding of the social mores and daily business language of a given country, the greater the opportunity for a closer connection that builds trust and loyalty between two companies on opposite sides of the planet.

Business communication VS. Informal communication

The importance of cultural fit does not extend exclusively to email and letters that discuss business topics, but to conversations in which both business and social interactions occur. The goal is to alert both parties to the context of all statements so that misinterpretations of what is being said are avoided.

Cross-cultural Collaborations

Having a complete and in-depth understanding of both parties’ language, customs, and social mores is necessary not only to communicate effectively but also to build cross-cultural collaboration. The goal of such a collaboration is to create a foundation from which both parties can work by educating each other and creating an effective collaborative style.

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